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When it comes to smoking weed, there’s plenty of ways to consume it. For thousands of years stoners have found ways to smoke flower and as the cliche rings true, potheads are quite the innovators. Creativity and weed have always gone hand in hand and we are lucky enough to live in a time where the sharing of ideas has cultivated a unique group of people.   


A Los Angeles native who started weaving 24k gold blunts predating 2015. His work has escalated to all forms of blunts and gold artwork, including a 5 pound bazooka rolled for Breal. His rolls are often the main attraction of Los Angeles based cannabis events, where he works 7 days a week pumping out blunts of all shapes and sizes. He has rolled over 200 microphone blunts, one of which was smoked by Lil Wayne at his album release party for The Carter V. Seshing a Weavers blunt is on the bucket list of stoners across the globe.


This Long Beach, CA native turned small business owner has turned her talent into a brand that makes party joints accessible to anyone. As the only woman in the National Joint Rolling League she has rolled her way into respect from the OG’s and the hearts of the community. She has rolled joints in the shape of Wall-e, Towelie and her most recent viral piece, Baby Yoda. Check out her brand Luxrolls, where you can get woven cones or even 24k gold swords to fill and smoke with your friends!


Widely known as the best preroll and classic blunt roller in the game, this Chicago native took his talents to California in 2017. His first industry test was being a personal blunt roller for Xzhibits mananger. After rolling a backwood in a convertible on the way to Coachella, he got the job and the rest was history. Currently he experiments with various cigar rolling techniques combining two cultures with his own artistic twist. You can enjoy his patented rolling tech through his brand LoadedCO rolling out to a compliant state near you.


The roller with the most Instagram followers, even after being deleted multiple times. As an original in the social media rolling game, Tony Greenhand’s art has been featured in Rolling Stone and Vice. He has created a name for himself out of the pacific northwest and makes up to $175 an hour making smokeable art. After organically falling into this career he has been recruited for movies and is now working on a reality show all while maintaining and humble carefree attitude.

One thing these artists have in common, besides creativity, attention to detail and their love for cannabis, is that they love rolling joints for other people to enjoy. They are creating something that brings strangers together and gives us something to reminisce about. We appreciate these artists and the hundreds of hours they put in to make something that quite literally vanishes into thin air. Their art may burn to ash, but even through our short term memory loss, we will remember them forever.

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