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What's gucci ya'll!!! Thanks for coming back to check out the vlog! A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Santa Rosa, CA for the Hall of Flowers tradeshow. Currently this is the premiere show in the cannabis industry, the brands attending are the ones that are going to be running shit in CA the next few years.

We had a bunch of clients there so we were running around shooting content and editing on site! We check in with Dope As Yola, Macdizzle420, Trippy Treez, Angela Mazzanti, and all the other homies. After the show we got an airbnb on the Russian River to decompress, shoot and edit some more content for our brands! We love the shit out of this community and so stoke to share this with ya'll. We encourage everyone who is interested in working in the industry to get out there and find a job! The industry is so young that if you find an entry level job, in a few years you could be running shit!

Thanks for watchin and KEEP PUSHING KEEP RISING!!!!

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