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This has been a year for the books. Never did we think that we would experience a shortage of isopropyl alcohol in our lifetimes. Or toilet paper for that matter. 
Let’s take our mind off of things by taking a trip down memory lane. We’ve compiled a short-list of some of our favorite marketing campaigns over the last year. 
Definitely one of our favorite contests this year. They took a really unique opportunity with there being no NCAA March Madness competition this year and spun it into something genius. 
They challenged users to fill out a bracket of their in-house genetics vs. cultivars they had acquired from others over the years. 
Each day they posted different matchups that users would vote on via Instagram Stories. The winner of each round would advance to the next just like the regular tournament. 
Very original idea for a cannabis contest. We definitely haven’t seen anything like this done before. 
Encouraged ongoing engagement on social media — users checked the 710 Labs profile every day to vote on matchups and compare their brackets. 
The contest played to people’s emotions –– 710 Labs strains have serious fanatics. It played to that ‘home team’ idea that gets people so excited. 
This one hit the nail on the head. They gave out a killer prize that enabled anyone to enter and drove ongoing engagement to their profile for multiple weeks. 
In an effort to help the community during these difficult times (and drive press), Mario Guzman (Sherbinski) teamed up with Barbary Coast to launch limited availability of $1 eighth jars. 
Associates the brand with a positive image — to the general public, it felt like a cannabis company was doing something charitable for the community during a time of hardship. 
The story was picked up by every major news source and blasted all over social media. 
While the opinions were divided, it did the trick when it comes to marketing. 
The stunt started a heated conversation online, got picked up by tons of media outlets, and created lasting memories for those that got to partake
Moxie started to get products in the hands of tons of influencers, photographers, and video makers to build up a massive network of talented creatives. 
Their products are fire, so naturally, people wanted to post about them. It was a win-win for Moxie and the creators involved in the program. 
It wasn’t a traditional media campaign. And that’s what made it one of the better marketing efforts we’ve seen from the corporate cannabis side of things. 
It functioned as an influencer campaign while also generating tons of original content for Moxie to use across their large followings on social media. 
Shows how truly simple but effective a solid influencer marketing campaign can be. 
We’re not sure where the program stands now, but it was cool to see so many talented creatives coming up with different content for the same brand.
While we’ve only thrown three official parties, they’ve all seen a huge turnout with lots of cannabis enthusiasts, brand reps, influencers, and others who work in the industry. 
Events are a really great way for cannabis companies to market themselves. It’s really one of the few opportunities brands have an opportunity to interact with consumers outside of social media. 
To many people, a LOADED joint looks like any other pre-roll. It’s impossible to know what it’s really like without smoking one. Same story with the Puffco Peak. It’s hard to know what it’s like to use one without getting the chance to try it. 
That’s the unique opportunity event marketing provides. 
It’s also an incredible influencer marketing opportunity for brands. Our last few parties we’re filled with some of the most popular influencers in the industry. Not to mention the hundreds of micro-influencers wandering around the party with their cellphones out offering additional free media coverage. 
People just want to hang out. Chances are, if you create a cool experience, people will want to share it. That’s what we’ve been banking on. A lot of the other industry events are so god damned dry in our opinion. We wanted to start throwing events that people would actually enjoy being at. Brands we like, cool venues, good food. The full nine yards. 
If you want to be a part of the next High Rise party, drop us a line. We’re always looking to get in contact with new vendors and discuss potential partnerships.
We’re obviously not throwing any parties until it’s safe to do so, but it’s important to plan ahead if you want to hit the ground running. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some events going for the end of summer. 
The best marketing campaigns are always the ones that think outside the box and tap into what’s going on around us.
710 Labs March Madness contest — drove profile engagement for multiple weeks by creating their own March Madness competition of in-house vs. acquired genetics 
Sherbinski $1 eighth promo — made a huge media splash by offering indoor eighths for a dollar at Barbary Coast
Moxie’s creator network — incredible influencer marketing campaign focused on creatives, resulting in tons of incredible original content Moxie could use across social channels
High Rise holiday party — perfect opportunity to get products in the hands of influencers and consumers
Looking forward to seeing what everyone does once the world starts to return back to normal! It’s been wild to see how companies have adapted to accommodate the changing economy 
If there’s one thing we’re sure of, content is more important than ever nowadays in a world where people are primarily shopping with their eyes before they even get to the dispensary 

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