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Stoners love telling stories of the best weed they have smoked and where it came from. The legend of “That Cali Weed” is talked about all over the world, everyone wants to try cannabis from the region with the most optimal growth climate. Not only is some of the best weed grown out of California, the state is at the forefront of the recreational market. All eyes are on the brands, their practices and most important, the quality of product. While the world hears about the Cali fire, California residents are smoking a much different product. Legal cannabis have seen more problems than Karen after the video of her Walmart tantrum went viral. From licensing, to droughts, BCC restrictions and corrupt corporate greed; recreational cannabis consumers have had a difficult time getting their lungs on that same weed people around the world are in search of.  

Now the billion dollar question? Where in the actual fuck are these corporate criminals going wrong. If only it was that easy. We’ve learned that the race to be the Budlight or Marlboro of cannabis built with the tech start-up investment model is not the answer. You may be good at building out sales decks and growing teams of corporate employees from other industries. However, none of that will grow you quality cannabis real consumers will want. It seems common sense right? 

While the money hungry culture vultures are on a race to the biggest. The brands who are focusing on quality are the ones who will run the market in the future. Long Beach based cannabis brand Fresh Baked is taking the quality over quantity route and it is currently paying of. After launching in 2018, it only took a few months for the SoCal cannabis community to recognized that this small batch, high quality selection of exotics is some of the best weed California has to offer. 

This family owned business, run by Bobby aka Krd_inc and operated by his daughter Amanda has grown from a closet to multiple facilities. The brand launched exclusively at The Circle LB and quickly became sought after. The buzz of the Orange Cookie Dough, Sunny F Lemonade and signature Apple and Cherry Fritter wafted over the SoCal scene like the smell off fresh cookies out of the oven. 

In an industry struggling to provide consistent quality to its consumers, Bobby has mastered the art of consistent cultivation. After getting your hands on a few 8ths of Fresh Baked, you will be able to tell the nugs apart from any other brand. Every batch is virtually identical with its structure, nose and trichomes showcasing the high standard Bobby holds his team to. As his business and facilities expand, Bobby maintains his stance on craft cannabis cultivation. “I do everything by hand, it’s the only way to garden and do it right”,  Bobby explains. “Everyone who says ‘we have craft cannabis’ but everything is on timers. That’s not craft cannabis, that’s why weed sucks now in the weed market” he says. 

The battle between craft cannabis and corporate cannabis will be something we will see for years until the corporate companies adapt to and adopt practices formed by craft cannabis farmers. The race to the biggest will be ever changing as brands exhaust their investments, leaving room for the slow and steady brands to creep their way to the top. Brands that embrace the importance of quality and community will win in the end. Don’t be surprised to see Fresh Baked in the winners circle.

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