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WATCH THESE JOINTS GET SMOKED HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgRpH...

This compilation of 21 of the craziest joints you've ever seen is part of our Youtube series "High AF w/". A HighriseTV original series launched in 2016 which turned out to be what could be the stoner cousin of "Hot Ones". In "High AF w/" the HighriseTV rolls up one of these couch locking joints/blunts and surprises our favorite cannabis community personality with it. Before sparking the roll up, the guest watches a 60 second video of the joint being rolled, getting an opportunity to see the top shelf product. "You guys are trying to kill me", is the usual commentary leading up to the moment of truth. Once the guests starts smoking, they are hit with a series of questions ranging from personal cannabis experiences to their love of the cannabis community. As you can imagine, the interview answers morph as the joints burn down.

This series was created to highlight our favorite cannabis community influencers, giving them a chance to share their story as they become the OG's in the game. We love giving our friends experiences and opportunities to smoke something unique, past guests include: Dope As Yola, Macdizzle420, Koala Puffs, Trippy Treez, Angela Mazzanti, QueenCyn, Angela Mazzanti, Medicated Marley and more. With 3 seasons under our belt, make sure to check out High AF w/ on Youtube to see these roll ups get smoked!!

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