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We assisted Lift Ticket Labs and Napalm w/
-Content Creation
-Social Media Promo
A brand that has always been light years ahead when it comes to innovation. The originator of concentrated infused rolling papers has introduced a new product to the California compliant cannabis market. This 2020 collab with Xzibit’s Napalm Cannabis Co brings connoisseurs a 7 gram hand crafted joint infused with live resin, wrapped with a live resin infused paper and finished with a glass tip. The thickness of the joint feeding into the narrow glass tip brings out the flavor profiles of the terps in a way you have never tasted. Lift Ticket is also known for collaborating with  the most respected complaint flower and concentrate brands CA recreational cannabis has to offer.  If the grenade packaging doesn’t grab the parties attention, the experience of smoking this one of a kind joint will.
Seshes come and go, formalities and memories often dissipate into air with the smoke. What tends to stick are the unique experiences, times where the whole group gathers and vibes out. Everyone takes their turn, breathing in the herb while simultaneously absorbing the hype and energy of the crew. Like a dance circle or that instinctual peace pipe energy we are carrying on from our ancestors while throwing our modern day twist to it. Next time you pull up to a sesh, bring one of these pre-rolls and bless you friends, be the wizard that ignites and gives life to the sesh.

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